The fish.Legends and reality

10 facts about the Black sea
In honor of the coming of the pores of the holidays we offer to your attention a selection of interesting facts about the Black sea. The first mention of the…

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The fish in the pond
Fish farming in the pond will not only help to keep the pond clean, but also will attract attention, as nature lovers love to observe the life of the inhabitants…

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Piranha. Legends and reality.

Probably there is no man who has not heard about this tropical fish. The number of legends and rumors with the piranha can compete, perhaps, only another legendary predator – the shark.

After I started breeding piranhas, I was interested in any information about this fish. Was struck by the contradictory information. Some argue that the only perch in the river with piranhas can get gnawed to the bone. Others argue that across the Amazon, people are caught in the rivers to fish, bathe, wash clothes, and credible cases of mass attacks by piranhas on humans have been noted. Than more competent the source, the more advocates the second point of view.

Watching the piranha for more than 10 years, I have repeatedly convinced that the piranha eats a little. For feeding large piranhas, not fed 2 hours, is 25-40g of meat or fish. Sated, piranha instantly stops eating, even if there is a small tidbit. Continue reading

And it was a pangasius

This fish in recent years is on the shelves of many stores and markets. So we can say that Russia is “sea tongue,” you know almost everything. But… they don’t know what wrong.

This sole is a flatfish of the genus Solea, different from the rest of flatfish are oval or teardrop-shaped body and delicate texture. Solea is found on the shelf of the Mediterranean and along the European coast of the Atlantic. Sole, Solea as it is called in France, where it is considered a delicacy in Russia you can taste only in expensive fish restaurants, for example, in a fish boutique La Maree on Petrovka. She is so gentle, so unlike the other flatfish that trying it for the first time may be surprised and even slightly disappointed.

Here as a connoisseur and a connoisseur of fine cuisine, Evelyn Waugh describes in his novel “Brideshead revisited” impressions of the English billionaire, the Nouveau riche, Solea have tasted in a very expensive Paris restaurant: “the sole was so simple and unobtrusive that Rex failed to notice it”. Continue reading

Casserole of catfish with potatoes

This dish of catfish is very simple, and most importantly, it prepares quickly. For casseroles, you will need one instance of a catfish, and some of the most common in our area of vegetables: potatoes, carrots and onions. For starters, you need to prepare the fish.

Body soma ship to sink, and a good skoblin his skin with a knife, and it is better and easier to do which is a metallic mesh for washing dishes,

With a knife cut all the fins, tail and head off of a catfish,

Soma laid the carcass on the cutting Board sideways, then cut off with a knife, moving it exclusively along his spine, fish fillets,

Then, similarly, cut the second fillet from the other side of the ridge. Get two fillets and a backbone that can be put in the fridge, along with the fins and head, and then use this stuff when cooking thick fish soup or fish soup, Continue reading

Catching fish on spinning

The Chub belongs to the family of carp fish, but because of his preferences in food (feeds on small fish) is considered a predator. Therefore, one of the most common ways of hunting at it is spinning. In these video we learn the basic rules of successful fishing for this fish.

Chub lives in rivers with medium current, it can be found in the sun-warmed places where there are small white fish – roach, perch, verhovka, etc. as well as near the hydraulic structures (piles of bridges, dams). To detect faces in the water column geraskov help the so-called polarized glasses.

In addition to technical means of detection of the fish should look to the natural location of the predator gives “zherekhov fight”. ASP during feeding makes a sharp kick tail on the surface of the water. Thus, it stuns small fish.

In place of hunting flocks ASP can circling gulls. About how you can still see “Parking” ASP you can learn from these videos. Continue reading

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